Saturday, October 31, 2015

When it comes to Historic Sites and buildings in Pittsburgh area its Rip tear and destroy another Landmark torn out and destroyed . The Alcoa Powder Plant in Logans Ferry section of Plum Boro

Yes when it comes to preserving the past the Pittsburgh area does a horribly miserable job entire neighborhoods are gone as is most of anything from the steel era If you want to get a feel what Pittsburgh was like before the mills went down you have to drive to Johnstown Pa. or Weirton. WV.
 So it was with great sadness while driving along Coxcomb Hill Road in Plum Boro and I saw them ripping into and removing the abandoned and dilapidated  Alcoa Powder Plant
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places the plant at one time produced the powder for Fire works and

explosives  yet after Alcoa abandoned it no one came forward in any way to try and save it at all  and use it as some type of teaching and social center etc.
and Alcoa  has all but left Pittsburgh area and devastated New Kensington when the pulled out of the plant and research center

So gone is another piece of history which when historians do give its history they will not get it right as usual just like many other historic exhibits you go to see in the area they often get fact and figures wrong because no one bothered to properly document sites before they where destroyed  , and now you can add the Alcoa Powder Plant to the list.
Developers would rather have a clean pad to develop than work with existing structures they claim cost too much and are impossible to renovate which each and every contractor knows is bull shit if you really want to save a property it can be done Carlow University proved it when they rescued a house everyone said had to go. it all comes down to one word GREED  and thats what it is all about nothing else when it comes time to renovate or destroy a historic structure .


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