Friday, March 3, 2017

Before you shut off your 24/7 Security System Professional Monitoring to save money . Does it effect your Homeowners Insurance ?

OK so you put in a burglar alarm 3-5 years ago your contract for monitoring and or maintenance is over and you want to not be monitored or you want to self monitor using something like Eyezon.
before you do this and make a major mistake which could cost you thousands of dollars in grief

Better check with your insurance carrier before shutting it off.

Why your insurance rate you pay is discounted on the fact you have a monitored system  turning off monitoring means

1# you have to pay the higher rate which could be more than what you pay for monitoring

2# If you have an intrusion and because you failed to maintain your 24/7 monitoring you are in violation of your insurance agreement which means the insurance company could ruse to pay anything or reduce what they will pay. 

So what are my options ?

Look around and find a small independent alarm dealer like myself(sorry not taking new customers)  who offers discounted monitoring. which is some times half or less what you pay the big company's.
Just make sure its a legitimate company and insurance approves.

it takes effort but there are cheaper alternatives out there .

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