Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A useful tool for Easy Pass users In Pa no longer allowed by feds due to Stupid Drivers

Yes once again the Pa Turnpike has been told to eliminate a useful feature for easy pass users such as myself which ans when your easy pass is not working or your balance is low
They had set up a simple traffic light when you pulled thru green your pass was working and there are funds in your account to pay the tool if yellow came on you have a low balance and red meant pass not working.

however a couple accidents resulted when fools who do not have an easy pass or do not read instructions stopped and hit brakes instead of driving thru. So now all the traffic lights are being pulled as we once again reward bad behavior by drivers and Pittsburgh ranks number 1# when it comes to bad drivers. So once again a defensive educated driver like myself pays for fools and idiots bad behavior.
So now I have to go online to check balance and make sure pass is working properly so i do not get
Thank You again Federal highway administration for rewarding bad driving .

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