Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Often Overlooked Deadly Pioneer Hotel Fire in 1970 a wrong may now be righted

When you think of deadly historical fires in the US you think of

The Winecoff Hotel  Fire

 The  MGM Grand  Fire

 The  Cocoanut Grove Club  Fire or

 The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

But have you heard of the Pioneer Hotel Fire in 1970?


 Where a young man was actually prosecuted and is now being released from prison after a reexamination of the evidence after 40 years.
Maybe it does not come up on the radar because it is one of the few so called solved fires  which once again looks like junk science , narrow minded focused on only one suspect investigators and prosecutors and public pressure wrongly convicted a young man 


Yes after 40 years lots of things have changed and memories faded and evidence lost etc etc etc. 
But just like the Lady of Angels School  fire in Chicago  where a young man said he did it but then many claim he was mentally ill and his confession is suspect  Did they ever get that fire right as well.
You see once again junk science falling apart in court a conviction that never should have occured.
but thats the way things where done back then and even now as investigators refuse to open there minds to any possibility  of anything other than this is way it happened and it only could have happened this way wrong.
I can tell you this after 35+ years of working with and trouble shooting electrical ,mechanical and electronics . The impossible is possible and it can never be discounted and should never be suppressed or ignored by investigators in trying to get correct and true reasons why a fire or disaster has happened.
With all of the counterfeit products coming into this country from china  and all of the products being pushed out and sent out into the field to early  that are not thoroughly tested. Technicians like myself are finding problems with items all the time the factory says are good when sent back for testing .

Take the Honeywell  Tuxedo WiFi  Touch Screen Keypads   I have had to replace 3 of them on a job and all 3 worked fine for up to 2 weeks then would go dark and  not respond.
Sent back to the factory they put them in test jig for 24 hours and said  they where good. Wrong  they did not test them long enough  to reproduce the results and I am not the only dealer who has had this problem. So there you go the factory has failed to identify and correct an issue. When I replaced the WiFi or hardwired Tuxedos with  just hard wired only Tuxedo Keypads we have had no problems for over 2 months.
I have this all documented so if something in future comes up we will now how to deal with it.

But as you can see in the simple scenario above just how wrongful convictions could happen because the investigation into what was causing the problem  was not thoroughly checked out .

Closed Narrow Minds are Dangerous Minds and this type of thinking needs to go away completely or we will never figure out how fires actually started and people will continue to be falsely railroaded and  convicted and arsonists will get away with there crimes.
 Investigators must also take into consideration the number of bad contractors out there doing substandard work which can cause problems during an investigation when trying to determine what went wrong as flaws are often hidden during construction work and products misapplicated or never should have been used during construction and contribute to a fire but are never picked up on  like high flash floor tile glue being used instead of low flash .You see this all the time where residential grade materials and compounds where used where they never should have been used and are forbidden in commercial work.
How many small fires have broken out on job sites and never reported and forgotten  which could have provided clues in future fires.
Take the job site where I prevented a catastrophe where the wrong breakers where used would the average inspector/ investigator ever picked that up as a contributing factor doubtful unless an electrical engineer was called and many of them  never would  have  picked it up either many have no idea the difference between 460 /277 and 480 Delta service and that 480 Delta services can exceed 300 volts per leg and thats why 600 volt  rated materials must be used.
I have had how many engineers tell me that 480 volt service will not exceed 300 volts per leg  wrong wrong wrong.Unless you deal with industrial power  like an industrial power engineer does you have no business assuming how power systems operate.
So you can see just how fire courses can be ruled wrong when it comes to the cause when it is electrical have the wrong engineer or investigator and you get wrong results.
I get a lot of resentment  from investigators when I come up with alternative theory's  because of there closed minds it just has to be this way it could not have happened the other way but as we see in the news too many times people being wrongly convicted having the cases reversed.
and I see it every day in the field trying to figure out why something is not working or broke , disintegrated ,stated to catch fire or exploded.
Keep a closed mind you will never figure it out and get wrong conclusions each and every time.

Now after 40 years how do you give this young man his life back you can not   and how do you the narrow minded individuals who railroaded this young man sleep at night with what you did. How do any of you who do not do your job to the fullest extent to make sure you have the right person for the right reason  sleep at night knowing what you have done.

I know exactly what I am talking about I got accused of stealing cameras and electronics from a school district where I was retrofitting a fire alarm .Never did it and nothing pointed to me doing it passed polygraph had all types of security clearances over the years and an eagle scout  they wasted time and effort instead of focusing on what really went down  . The crime went unsolved and 6 months later they caught a young janitor doing the exact same crime in the exact same school red handed doing it.  Shame on those Allegheny County Detectives involved for not doing there jobs properly  in the first place and wasting taxpayers money.

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