Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whats an Agicultural Security Area ? If you travel in rural areas you should know this.

Sign posted as you enter Cambria County Pa.

It sounds like some kind of security zone set up by Homeland Security  to protect farms from terrorists. But in realty it is a program designed to protect and preserve farms  and farm life from being disturbed by developers or local community's passing ordinances  that would limit what farmers do. 
It has happened time and again in county's like Butler and Washington where the farmers where there first then people start moving in to area and complain about the noise and smells of the farms and try to put them out of business a ASA prevents this . Its just like fools, idiots  and outright slimmy swindlers who move near Airports and complain about the noise. Sorry idiot Airport was there first. 
you knew what you where getting into when you moved there.

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