Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why I will never be an exclusive/ authorised dealer for any corporation- many will screw you in the end

When GM and Chrysler went down a few years back  many new car dealerships around me where forced out of business or where greatly curtailed and had to lay off many employee's .
Verona Jeep  was a dealer for 55 years for Jeep and was sucker punched so was Dave Smith Chevrolet and Lieberoth Dodge .
all 3 not even 1/4 of what they where as they work to reconfigure and keep there business running.
and over 100 people affected in there employment .
Verona jeep
When GM and Chrysler asked the Government for help.
While this is the biggest of cases of dealers getting stabbed in the back it goes on daily in the small world a friend of mine works for a  larger lock smith place here in Pittsburgh and recently was told he could no longer sell master lock because he does not meet the  new minimum  $25,000 order for the locks any more. Well Master Lock good for you that you just shot your self in the foot your not the only greedy ass corporation who has screwed dealers all across this country and I hope your profits go in the dumper for your greedy ass ways. when you only sell to Walmart ,Lowes or Home Depot and they then put demands on you to keep providing large sums of product as cheaply as possible you deserve what you get by not selling to smaller dealers.
Why corporations are always starting and killing product lines then making them only thru exclusive dealers then open them back up is beyond me other than for reasons of greed. Sorry I will not lock into any of you deals or  exclusive dealerships and will pick and choose what is best for my customers.Not what you think they need.
One of the stupidest things right now is how manufacturer are constantly making electronics smaller and smaller a very bad move as the population and there eyesight is getting worse but they always have to chase youth instead of serving the greater good. Same thing killing AM/FM and Broadcast TV never ever really provide what people really want produce  what you think they want.
So keep it up and keep putting out all those exclusive dealer only competition killing  items I could care less I will not play your games I will not get sucked in and then screwed by you on a whim like you have many of my business friends .
 I built my business based on good quality products and service not by locking into an exclusive item a customer then has to come back to me for  so I can care less if I give them bad service or not. 

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