Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lock Out Tag Out Play this game wrong and you DIE!

Lock Out Tag out its not a game its an OSHA Law it protects employees from accidental electrocution and other injury's .

Introduced a dozen years ago LOTO as it is some times known is a rule which requires the shutting off and verifying that electrical and other energy's like Steam air and hydraulics are properly shut off so a maintenance project can be safely completed . It is required to be followed by each and every employee covered by OSHA rules which is just about everyone.

As you can see from the picture a padlock has been attached to a shackle device which allows more than one individual to lock out the item .This way power can not be turned back on till every one has there hands etc clear and out of the area before restoring power. There is also a tag affixed with an employees name and why this lock has been deployed.
fail to properly make sure the power is off which includes making sure the stabs in the switch are clearly pulled out etc. can result in instant death with 480 volts 3 Phase - delta which vaporises screwdrivers and pliers with no problem.
Following Lock out Tag out requires several steps you can find out more information on this subject at www.osha.gov
If you are responsible in any way with any source of energy above you are required to know and utilize lock out tag out this even includes the use of power tools so you could very well be in violation of Lock out Tag out and not even know it which can bring fines of $23,000.00 per incident.

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