Monday, October 24, 2011

If your still using one of these Moose Panels know that it has a serious security flaw which could allow it to be defeated

The MPI 25 and 50 Burglar/ fire panel by the former Moose Products Inc.
In the 80's they where known as the work horse of the security industry many thousands where installed they where so good I installed well over 100 of them and have since replaced every one of them because there is a secret flaw in these panels I discovered one night when trying to figure out why a MPI 50 panel I installed at a Super Market in Bethel Park Pa. kept disarming by it self.
It ends up we traced it to the on board auxilary power supply when we discovered a wire going to a motion sensor was abraded and when we bumped the wire the panel disarmed when the panel was armed a short across the aux power terminals would cause the panel to automatically disarm. We saw this same problem with the 725C panels which came out after the 25-50 series as well the 725 only stayed on the market for a year when the z1100 came out another excellent panel Needless to say I notified Moose which at that point had been bought and resold several times and they where of the opinion that the panels where old enough that they should be replaced with a newer product as they where no longer making the 25 or 50 how ever they never ever told the installers and dealers about the problem which a few years earlier ended up with me being sued because a system failed which at time we could not explain how it had happened. Needless to say I was not very happy with Moose's explanation and after that and never again bought there product especially in the light of the fact it had been bought and resold how many times in 10 years time and is now out of business when GE bought the line. But despite the fact this flaw exists there are still hundreds of these panels still being used in homes and business who do not want to upgrade there systems and who could end up paying the price for it.
If you still have one of these panels and are using it you have been warned.


  1. I just bought a house with an MPI-50 in it. I have no idea how or if it works, but I do know if the large control panel in the basement is disconnected a shrill alarm sounds. There is a key pad by my backdoor. Wondering if there is a way to disconnect the power and not have it beep. Would love to have the whole thing disconnected and removed, but not sure where to start!

    1. I also bought a house with it cannot shut it off.


  2. this deadly trick and there are still plenty of these panels still rigged up this way floating around in old homes and buildings waiting to cause a fire or shock some one. Complete Business Alarm Systems