Friday, October 14, 2011

National Account Alarm System Servicing Companys mostly nothing more than confused idiots.

I have spent a considerable amount of time effort and money in my Education and specialty tools to be a top level troubleshooter and installer of Fire, Burglar , Card Access and Camera systems Etc.
So at least twice a week I get called by out of state National Accounts alarm servicing outfits who need some one local to handle one of the dollar or other retail stores security needs. I turn 99% of them down .Unfortunately most of these company's are run by a bunch of ill informed idiots.
or I have already gotten the word from other dealers there lousy company's to deal with.

Take Wednesday I get a call from a outfit that needs some stores Fire and Burglar alarms taken over downloaded and completely tested. for new tenants taking over this bankrupt stores spaces . OK no big deal 1 store in Butler Mall and 1 in beaver Mall about a 100 + mile trip so I get to the Butler mall to find no one on site and get security to unlock the space I walk around and no security system and fire alarm is handled by mall a wasted trip. then off to beaver I find a ADT panel hanging on wall and nothing else. So once again a wasted day yes I get paid for the trip but it does not cover what I would have made normally for the day.

How many times this has happened go there to find No store or alarm was never shipped or wrong stuff was shipped or alarm is already installed etc etc etc.
I drove over to E.Liverpool Ohio to wire in a newly installed outside door at a game/CD store it was never put in. Yet it was an emergency They needed it that day.

Then it takes for ever to get paid they always loose paper work etc etc.

Then the newest one it was not done properly? WTF another ploy at a Large electrical distributor where we had system tested and signed off by state fire marshal. So Fire Marshal is wrong?

yes nothing but excuses it seems bigger these companies get the stupider and more incompetent they become. All these company s want to do is hire the lowest common denominator employee they can find pay them $7.00 an hour no benefits give them a fancy name and uniform and fill there brains with how great they are when they are worthless.

Which is why I have been turning down more and more work from them and once again another company on the shit list. But remember you the consumer pays for all this incompetence every time you walk in a store and buy something. between theft, and Incompetence prices could be 50% lower in most stores .

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