Monday, October 10, 2011

A new concept in Fire Protection Smoke Detectors which shut off power

I have been doing Electrical work for over 30+ years and have seen more than my share of Tragic Electrical fires and injury's .
Well an inventor has come out with a new product a Smoke Detectors that shuts off the power to an electrical circuit . Which shuts off and trips out a GFCI breaker.
While this concept is not new We have been using smoke detectors tied to shunt trip breakers to turn power off to critical computer server rooms and elevator shafts using shunt trip breakers for some time now this uses a GFCI breaker.
One of the big problems when fighting fires is always the utility like gas and electric being on and feeding the fire this prevents it and helps stop a fire from spreading Check it out.
and see what you think he may be on to something.

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