Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is the kind of service you get when a major cable company hires Least Common denominator employees

I have a customer who designs builds and installs HVAC systems and has a large sheet metal shop in a former Verizon service facility.
When they first moved in they went with Verizon phone service but the lines in the area are poorly maintained so they decided to switch to Comcast who provide digital telephone service over there cable network. What a mistake I drew a print for the tech doing the conversion how to pull off the 25 pair amphenol connector and hook the new lines to the 66 block making a nice clean install I also left my cell number. Did the installer follow my instructions . No he did not he pulled all the wires off the 66 block tied them to his interface unit and then half the lines did not work alarm was showing line trouble and loud speakers used to ring shop phones so foreman can here the ring over the machines did not work and made a total mess then he leaves saying everything is working.
Obviously my customer upset calls Comcast who sends out a second installer who looks at everything says he does not do commercial work and walks out they send 2 more techs things are still not right I get called go down and connect wires correctly and everything is working but theres still problem with the interface they send another tech who brings a new interface box which corrects the noise and works if power is out. Needless to say my customer paid me and will be taking it out of there Comcast bill and it cost Comcast how many hours of wasted wages to send a bunch of idiots out and show how great there service is they tout everyday on TV commercials Yea right. But this is what you get today for service. The least common denominator and incompetence and nothing but apologies what a hell of a way to run a company.

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