Saturday, October 29, 2011

What goes on in Exit -Delivery Hall ways in malls May get you trapped during an Emergency

Your shopping in your favorite mall when all of a sudden the fire alarms come on you start towards the entrance to find smoke so you start looking for an alternate exit you see a sign and double doors which lead to long corridor when you open it . Unfortunately for you a Book store has just gotten a big order in and has not removed it from the hall way completely and the hall way is blocked and very narrow will you and the others make it the 150 feet to safety and outside?
Well this exact scenario plays out every day in every mall every where. These long narrow hall ways are used for the delivery of packages which are to be immediately brought into the back of the store and put away unfortunately It does not happen this way and you often find hall ways jammed because over-sized pallets of materials have come in.
Even in this hall way there is a sign posted no storing of materials any time but as you can see this manager choose to ignore the sign and hold an employee meeting instead of clearing the hall way.
These Hall ways are an essential emergency path to get out of malls be it a fire, air plane crashing into the mall a terrorist attack etc you name it these hall ways could be the difference between living or dying . While the malls take it serious and fine store managers who do not keep them clear as you can see some do not get the message and this manager was in deed put on notice. So what is going on behind the hallways in the mall you shop in.

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