Monday, October 10, 2011

Why you should not store Garbage Containers and other items under Stairwells and Fire Escapes

What you see here in an alley way of a Group home is a major Fire Code violation which can get a home shut down. But with the way things go on in Pa. forget any one ever enforcing it with out some one like me putting some steam on them and having to embarrass them here on this blog.

The storage of items under Fire Escapes is PROHIBITED PERIOD.
Not only is this dumpster a fire hazard should it catch fire not allowing people on the 3rd floor to escape it is also blocking the stairwell from 2nd floor.

But no one ever thinks about this its just put the dumpster some where and it could get people killed. In fact this exact scenario has killed many tenants of apartment buildings in years past. When sick individual thought it was funny to catch a dumpster on fire or it started from what was thrown into it by spontaneous combustion.

It is also illegal to store items under stairwells inside buildings as well in most cases and where it is allowed the area must be sprinklered, with a water based fire protection system.

Knowing this how many property's I can go onto just around Pittsburgh and find this exact problem. Its a shame why do people not use there brains before doing something like this? But it is the same old story it will not happen to me. This line of thinking gets people killed everyday.
and it proves itself every winter time in Pittsburgh area when you have a dozen or more fires every week during winter time do to people who do not think or just care less about there fellow man.

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